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ODOL Addresses State Fair Inspections

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

OKLAHOMA CITY- Labor Commissioner Leslie Osborn held a press conference today addressing the Oklahoma Department of Labor’s role in inspecting amusement rides at the Oklahoma State Fair.

Oklahoma is one of 30 states that regulate amusement rides. Before an amusement ride can be operated, it must be issued a Certificate of Inspection by the Oklahoma Department of Labor (ODOL). Inspectors from ODOL arrive at the fair days in advance of its opening to examine rides as they are being constructed and remain on-site through the duration of the fair. Inspectors examine every ride before it is in operation to confirm the ride meets manufacturer and industry standards.

“We want to assure the public that we are working to safeguard the citizens of Oklahoma as they set off for a day of fun, food, and thrills,” said Labor Commissioner Leslie Osborn. “ODOL views regulation of amusement ride safety as a partnership with the industry to provide and promote ride safety. Our inspectors work hard in the field to inspect each ride. However, even though amusement rides are inspected, it is important that the public ride responsibly by following all signage, warnings, and instructions. In particular, height requirements for children are in place to protect riders from physical injury. Our inspectors take the safety of children very seriously.”

ODOL inspects permanent amusement ride attractions, including water parks, carnivals, zip lines, rope courses, and inflatables throughout the state. Amusement rides at stationary parks are inspected annually. Traveling amusement rides are inspected each time they are moved to a new location. Inspected amusement rides will have a current year sticker affixed to the canvas tag on inflatables or the metal tags on mechanical rides. ODOL publishes an online directory of registered amusement shows that lists the type and number of amusement rides and provides contact information.

For more information on amusement ride safety visit the Oklahoma Department of Labor - Amusement Rides

Last Modified on Mar 07, 2022