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About the Statewide Charter School Board

The Statewide Charter School Board is created to support education choice through the authorization of charter schools and virtual charter schools and the development and implementation of educational online learning courses and tools. The Board is composed of nine members that meet to govern the business of the agency. 

The responsibilities of the Statewide Charter School Board are specific and include establishing procedures for the consideration of charter school and virtual charter school applications, providing subsequent oversight, providing training to varied stakeholders, and providing elected officials with data and information regarding Oklahoma charter schools and virtual charters. Additionally, the Board is tasked with developing and implementing the Horizon: Digitally Enhanced Campus program that provides multiple online learning options for Oklahoma schools, families, and students.

Additional information regarding Statewide Charter School Board may be found in other sections of this website and in the Oklahoma Charter School Act, specifically Section 3-132 of Title 70.

Last Modified on Jul 09, 2024
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