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Authorization Process for Charter Schools and Virtual Charter Schools

Oklahoma Statute provides direction for the SCSB in that it was created to “have sole authority to sponsor statewide virtual charter schools in this state and may sponsor charter schools in this state.”

The duties of the SCSB are specific:

  1. Provide oversight of the operations of statewide virtual charter schools in this state and charter schools for which the Statewide Charter School Board is the sponsor;
  2. Establish a procedure for accepting, approving and disapproving charter school or virtual charter school applications;
  3. Amend, repeal, recodify, or make additions to the administrative rules;
  4. Ensure compliance with state laws and training requirements for all charter schools, virtual charter schools, and sponsors;
  5. Make publicly available a list of supplemental online courses, of high quality options and aligned with the subject matter standards adopted by the State Board of Education; and
  6. Negotiate and enter into contracts with supplemental online course providers to offer a state rate price to school districts for supplemental online courses that have been reviewed and certified by the Statewide Charter School Board. (70-3-132.2)
  7. Provide training on the process and requirements for establishing a charter school to charter schools and virtual charter schools;
  8. Provide training on the oversight duties of a sponsor during an annual sponsor workshop to sponsors of charter schools that enter into new or renewed sponsorship contracts;
  9. Issue performance reports and renewal application guidance to charter schools with which it sponsors;
  10. Follow statutory and administrative rules for processes related to school closure and/or contract revocation and/or nonrenewal;
  11. Issue charter school and virtual charter school annual status reports to the Legislature and Governor; and
  12. Allocate matching funds on a per pupil-basis for the federal State Charter School Facilities Incentive Grant Program.

To fulfill these responsibilities, the SCSB has established an authorizing process that allows the Board to sponsor schools that meet the standards for organizational capacity, financial management and academic performance. This process includes timelines and criteria for submission of applications. 

Title 777 Statewide Virtual Charter School Board Administrative Rules

Secretary of State, Office of Administrative Rules, Title 777, Statewide Virtual Charter School Board Permanent Rules

Oklahoma Charter School Act

School Code of 1971

Last Modified on Jul 02, 2024
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