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The Workforce Planning team at OMES supports data-driven decision making by sharing our insights gained from HR operation data and employee experience data.

For questions or to schedule a consultation for a specific service below, contact Workforce Planning.

Action planning

ü Understand the annual Oklahoma Statewide Employee Engagement Survey (OKSEES) report.
ü Navigate the OKSEES dashboard.
ü Create, view and edit action plans within the OKSEES dashboard.

Data analysis

ü Custom analysis of the workforce’s current state.
ü Workforce trend insights.
ü Provide predictive analysis.
ü Demographics and turnover information.
ü Analysis and information across categories such as generation, age, service time, retirement eligibility estimates, race/ethnicity, gender and headcount by EEO categories.

Exit survey

ü Share aggregated feedback from former agency employees about their work experience and work environment.

Onboarding survey

ü Provide new employee insights about their initial workplace perceptions.


ü Understand the annual OKSEES report and dashboards.
ü Perceptions of the workplace culture.
ü Engagement, satisfaction and intent to stay.
ü Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).
ü Burnout and hope.

Workforce / Succession planning

ü Provide consultation and guidance throughout the workforce planning and succession planning process.
ü Review workforce trends and staffing analysis.
ü Facilitate workforce planning or succession planning training.
Last Modified on Mar 07, 2023
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