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Surplus Document Library


Document Title Description Last Update
SS-001-I Surplus Property Transfer Instructions 10/07/2020
SS-001A Surplus Property Transfer 10/07/2020
SS-001V Surplus Property Transfer (Vehicles) 10/07/2020


Document Title Description Last Update
PD-001 LESO 1033 Program - Oklahoma State Plan, Policies and Procedures 07/27/2020
PD-003 LESO 1033 Program - Law Enforcement Agency Certification Letter 06/25/2019
PD-004 Application for Eligibility for Federal Property Donantion Program 08/24/2012
PD-005 Wish List for Federal Property Donation Program 08/24/2012
PD-007 LESO 1033 Program - Weapon Requiest Procedures 08/24/2012
PD-008 GSA Weapons Letter of Intent Suggested Format 08/24/2012
Data Sheet LESO 1033 Program - Application for Participation 08/25/2016
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