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OMES Features New Branding in Workday@OK Job Listings

By Carmin Eulitt
Tuesday, April 09, 2024

On March 22, the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) Workday@OK team began implementing exciting changes to active job listings in Workday@OK. Previously, candidates could filter through all State of Oklahoma job listings to find an agency of interest, but there were no unique branding elements to set one agency apart from others. Now, when viewing OMES-specific listings, candidates will notice agency-branded logos along with an About OMES section, which provides an overview of the agency’s mission and functions, summarizing essential information to help candidates in their job search.

An example Workday@OK job listing is shown. On the right side of the screen, an OMES agency logo is visible, along with an overview of the agency's functions and mission.
An example Workday@OK job listing overview is shown. On the right side of the screen, an OMES agency logo is visible.

Where it began

As a new employee, Director of Workday@OK Operations Bradley Pettijohn is freshly acquainted with OMES hiring and onboarding. Pettijohn first noticed an opportunity for improvement when applying for his role.

“When I was applying for my current role, I was provided all the information about the job in the job posting, which is great. However, I didn’t quite understand the significance of the agency I was applying for and what they do day in and day out,” said Pettijohn.

Thanks to the new feature, candidates are now more informed during the job search and application process.

“This provides greater insights into this information, offering greater transparency for candidates going forward,” said Pettijohn.

While candidates will benefit from information transparency, agencies can also expect greater enrichment from a recruiting standpoint.

“This feature will increase brand awareness and candidate engagement with job postings,” as well as “offer agencies customization while also reinforcing our mission of standardization of jobs on a single platform,” said Pettijohn.

How other agencies can take advantage

All state agencies are encouraged to take advantage of this new feature, and OMES is prepared to help with implementation. Information will be provided at the next Workday@OK User Group Meeting about how agencies can use their own branded assets within job listings. Bradley Pettijohn and the OMES Workday@OK team plan to assist by configuring agency templates and performing all the necessary behind-the-scenes work.

Agencies can reach out to their designated OMES account manager for assistance, or contact the OMES Workday@OK team directly by submitting a Service Now request.

Upcoming improvements

More improvements are on the horizon to further enhance recruiting across the State of Oklahoma. Soon, agencies may be able to take advantage of embeddable videos in Workday@OK job listings, integration with LinkedIn™ recruiting services and revised interview scheduling.

Workday@OK offers video embedding capabilities, specifically in the job listing sidebar under the About section.

“Right now, OMES is putting together a brief 1- to 2-minute video that shows all the great work OMES does. OMES will pilot this feature and, once confirmed, will plan on following a similar roll-out plan as with the logos,” said Pettijohn.

Additionally, Workday@OK can integrate smoothly with popular recruiting platforms.

“This feature would provide greater visibility to agency job postings by automatically posting jobs on LinkedIn™ and allowing candidates to apply directly from LinkedIn™ to Workday@OK, providing a smoother application process. Agencies would also be able to engage with candidates proactively to find viable candidates for harder-to-fill roles,” said Pettijohn. “OMES is currently researching this option.”

With agency feedback in mind, the OMES Workday@OK team is also exploring upgrades for interview scheduling.

“We have heard from various agencies that the current interview scheduling process is rather clunky and not user-friendly. The Workday@OK team will be reviewing ways to make that process much easier and more intuitive for both agencies and candidates,” said Pettijohn.

These exciting advancements are in the early stages of consideration by OMES, and, if implemented, agencies will be notified and supported in learning and utilizing new features.

Last Modified on Apr 11, 2024