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OMES celebrates employees with fellowship, food and fun

By Christa Helfrey
Friday, June 09, 2023

In a memorable display of team spirit and gratitude, employees at the Office of Management and Enterprise Services recently came together for an Employee Appreciation Cookout held in the State Capitol courtyard. The lunch event was filled with delicious food, exciting competitions and plenty of opportunities for teams across the agency to connect in fellowship. Check out these highlights from the celebration!

Grilled delights:

The mouthwatering aroma of sizzling burgers filled the air thanks to our Facilities Management team, who took charge of grilling over 500 burgers for employees in attendance.

Bringing the competition:

The cookout was not only about food. It was also a chance for employees to engage in friendly competition. Team members battled in a cornhole tournament, a scavenger hunt and golf putt, bringing laughter, cheers and the occasional victory dance to the atmosphere. In the end, Facilities Management staff Darin Brinson and Jeffery Martin were the ultimate cornhole champions, with Mark Horsechief and Jimmy Scott taking home second place.

A team of five – including Jarren Carter, Frances Thomas, Victoria Baker, Shelley Penick and Lisa Escott – won first place in the scavenger hunt, proving their talent for clue-finding and teamwork. Congratulations are also due to the runner-up team, which included Susan Kirby, Stephannie Davis, Jennifer Smith and Teresa Cave.

Employees also put their putting skills to the test, aiming for that elusive hole-in-one. Jessica Cook rose to the challenge and won first place.

Appreciation and gratitude:

Above all, the cookout served as an opportunity for gratitude toward our hard-working employees. It was a day to honor their commitment, dedication and contributions that make our agency thrive. Such events are a testament to the importance of fostering a culture of appreciation and teamwork, and OMES is proud to nurture an environment where employees can flourish and make a difference.

Last Modified on Jun 09, 2023
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