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Service Oklahoma wins 2022 Innovations in State Government award

By Kay Thompson
Thursday, September 29, 2022

Service Oklahoma, a division of Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services, was recently recognized by the National Association of State Chief Administrators for their work modernizing the way some of Oklahoma’s most vulnerable citizens interact with state government. As winner of the 2022 Innovations in State Government award, they were honored for offering a streamlined process to obtain a disability parking placard in a more digitized and customer-centric way.

The Service Oklahoma team realized deficiencies within the former process and worked to alleviate frustrations of those applying for the placard, resulting in increased satisfaction among applicants and doctors. Previously, disabled citizens had to go through an antiquated 10-step process that was largely manual and required multiple trips to their doctor and the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety headquarters. The new application shortened wait times by 80% and eliminated 60% of the required steps.

In the future, the disability placard pilot will be scaled to many other state services and agencies to achieve the ultimate goal of simplifying the way Oklahomans interact with everything the state has to offer.

Last Modified on Sep 30, 2022