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New webpage provides central HR services for OMES employees

By Christa Helfrey
Thursday, March 03, 2022

The Office of Management and Enterprise Services recently launched a new webpage that changes how OMES employees access their HR services. Previously, these services were housed under the statewide Human Capital Management page, which supports over 180 state agencies, affiliates and municipalities. That vast HCM umbrella made it difficult to locate OMES-specific materials and know where to go for certain HR functions. The move to a separate webpage aims to simplify navigation and empower employees to facilitate their own HR tasks so they can save time and get more stuff done for the State of Oklahoma.

Through the new OMES Human Resources page, employees and supervisors now have more direct access to agency policies, forms, job postings, and payroll, time and labor materials. Additionally, employees will discover a brand-new Human Resources Help Center for guidance on how to initiate HR changes for life events – like marriage and retirement – making it easier than ever to update their personal information.

“Our new HR webpage was designed with the employee in mind,” said Katie Holderread, interim HR director. “The best part about our new webpage is the help center, where employees are able to find answers to their questions quickly and easily. The page also links employees to pertinent materials for further assistance.”

Two additional components available on the new webpage are links to sign up for weather-related office closure alerts from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, as well as a prompt for submissions to the OMES kudos program.

Unlike the OMES Employee Recognition Program annual awards event, the kudos program serves as an avenue to continuously recognize colleagues for good work, big and small. This program was developed from the idea that employees are constantly harnessing the GSD spirit to do good things for customers and coworkers, alike, even though some efforts may go unnoticed by many who aren’t directly involved. Giving kudos acknowledges those efforts through notes of appreciation that individuals submit through the OMES Employee Kudos form. The HR team receives these notes, files them and shares that positive feedback with the recognized employees and agency leadership.

“Giving kudos can have a huge impact on employee morale and workplace culture,” Holderread said. “Receiving a kudos can make your day and motivate you to earn more kudos in the future. In turn, this fosters a positive and high-performing culture at OMES.”

Holderread says OMES Information Services currently uses kudos submissions to help identify candidates for their division-level recognition awards, and internal discussions are underway to incorporate acknowledgment of our top kudos recipients in the annual agencywide recognition event.

We invite employees to explore the new HR hub, found on the OMES website under the Services tab, and email with any questions.

Last Modified on Jun 22, 2022
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