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OMES internships help students gain professional skills within state government

Pictured left to right: Amy Kulkarni, intern for Business Process Operations; Maria DeLoera, intern for Public Affairs; BriLynne Smith, intern for HR; Tonya Fugett, HR business partner; Corina Sanchez, HR business partner; and Kayla Pham, intern for Public Affairs.
By Maria DeLoera
Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The State Capitol Complex overlooks Oklahoma City’s busy 23rd Street. It’s a bustling area full of shops, cafes, businesses and Oklahoma City University, where I am in my senior year majoring in political science. I am also one of several students interning in the Capitol Complex at the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services. As an OMES intern, I am experiencing the values of collaboration, community building and government service. The agency’s mission, “Serving those who serve Oklahomans,” is the central guide in OMES projects and outreach. I and other interns find this central to our own projects and time at OMES. As we learn about government service and develop our teamwork skills, we appreciate the support and creativity of the work environment.

As I finish my undergraduate career, OMES is allowing me to explore options in government work and is growing my skills in writing, collaboration and understanding the behind-the-scenes experience of public administration. Further, I have seen how OMES serves and communicates with other state agencies for internal and community projects. I am also learning about the quality of work expected as an OMES intern, which is refining my professionalism. From editing manuals, to drafting a press release and writing blog articles, I appreciate the day-to-day functions of government and how they reflect an innovating Oklahoma. Most of all, I enjoy understanding how to make government more accessible to the public.

Human resources

Boosting accessibility and serving the public are values shared among other interns at OMES. BriLynne Smith, a sophomore at Langston University and a Human Resources intern, says the work environment is supportive and is enhancing her skills in streamlined communication. During her internship, she is assisting with HR services for the agency. Her main duties include reviewing applications of potential job candidates, scheduling interviews, completing the onboarding process for new hires and updating employee documents throughout the entire process. With her experience in OMES HR, she is now considering adding an emphasis of human resources studies to her business management major.

“I have found myself continually growing as an intern and believe in the efficacy of government service,” BriLynne said. “Additionally, I enjoy the networking opportunities and connecting with people at OMES. An added bonus is the pretty view of the Capitol Building next door!”

External communication

Kayla Pham, a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma, is a social media coordinator intern with OMES Public Affairs’ External Communications team. Since beginning her internship in March, she has designed graphics for the State Capitol Museum grand opening, a daylight saving reminder, a cover for the Oklahoma Future’s Fund report and a promotional campaign for OMES leaders recognized as national finalists in the StateScoop 50 Awards. Currently, Kayla works with incoming graphics projects and assists in developing the agency’s visual communications. At OU, she is majoring in marketing with a minor in advertising. She says the internship is a great opportunity to practice her skills in engagement and digital marketing and provides her with real-world experience when it comes to social media outreach.

“I appreciate being able to transition from academic work in marketing to professional application at OMES,” Kayla said. “I also enjoy the agency’s supportive environment and dedication to public service.”


To support the State of Oklahoma’s cutting-edge technology efforts, OU junior Angat Yogi serves the OMES Cyber Command Defense Team as a cybersecurity intern. During his internship, he has worked on a project that checks ransomware or external attacks and assisted with processing Service Desk requests. He says he appreciates learning how government organizations work with cybersecurity, and the trainings provided are furthering his interest in that field. At OU, he is majoring in management information systems with a minor in computer science and says he enjoys applying his major studies to a professional public service environment.

“OU and Oklahoma have given so much to me,” he said. “I feel like I owe a lot to this place and people living here. That was the primary reason I applied for this internship. So, having a feeling of helping Oklahoma in some ways feels awesome.”

Real estate

Zara Roja, an intern with OMES Real Estate and Leasing Services, shares this sentiment. She is a political science major with a minor in pre-law at the University of Central Oklahoma and says the internship has been a source of personal and professional growth, guiding her to understand real estate law as a future lawyer. Further, her communication, team orientation and adaptability skills apply well to this experience. Her projects with REALS include fiscal year 2022 state leases, form letters and processes indexes, the agency contact list for 2022, and benchmarking.

“In government service, I value professionalism, honesty and objectivity,” she said. “One aspect I enjoy about working at the Oklahoma Capitol Complex is the positive attitude of my colleagues and all employees.”

Zara is a first-generation college student and says she hopes to motivate other diverse talents to follow their dreams.

As OMES interns, we are finding support and continual guidance throughout our time here. Most importantly, we are learning the values of public service and the inner working of state government. I am excited to see what else this internship will hold and am ready to learn new things.

If you are interested in an internship with OMES, please email our HR team at

Last Modified on Jul 28, 2022