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Four must-have resources for state employees to get the most out of Option Period

By Christa Helfrey
Thursday, September 29, 2022

Only three months remain in 2022, and that means it's time for employees at the State of Oklahoma to consider their benefit options for the upcoming year. The state's annual Option Period begins Oct. 1, and with the recent launch of Workday@OK, the process of electing insurance coverage will look a little different.

Multiple aspects of Option Period have been modernized since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The state moved away from mailing paper-based forms to thousands of employees across Oklahoma, opting instead for digitized documents and an online portal. While the change eliminated some manual processes and enabled faster benefit elections, it remained siloed on a separate platform that required a unique login and didn't integrate with other state technology.

When Workday@OK went into effect on Aug. 15, employee benefits were among the many functions streamlined through the central cloud-based human capital management system. Workday@OK's intutive interface and mobile capabilities mean employees are more empowered to complete Option Period tasks faster and easier than ever, even from their cellphones.

State government is well known for its comprehensive benefit package, including health, dental, vision and life insurance. However, selecting the right benefits without expert-level knowledge can be confusing for anyone. Luckily, the Employee Benefits Department within the Office of Management and Enterprise Services has worked diligently to ensure employees have the information they need to make benefit decisions that support their health and wellness goals in 2023. Check out the four essential resources below to understand where to find your options, how to complete changes in Workday@OK and to whom to turn for additional support.

1. Read the latest Benefit Enrollment Guide and get to know your options

The 2023 Employee Benefit Enrollment Guide contains all the health, dental, life and vision insurance options available to current employees. Use the guide to compare each plan's coverage and cost side by side and note any changes that will occur in the new year, e.g., premium adjustments. Additionally, the BEG provides updated benefit allowances – or how much the state contributes to offset plan premiums – and contact information for each insurance provider should employees need to communicate with them directly.

  • Cumulative premiums and benefit allowances – front of guide.
  • Key changes to plans and rates – Page 2.
  • Comparison of benefits – Page 22.
  • Contact information for plan providers – Page 51.

2. Calculate estimated costs for the upcoming plan year

Once employees review options in the BEG, they can use the online benefit calculator to determine the total cost of their preferred selections and compare it to the applicable benefit allowance. Keep in mind that if the total cost exceeds the allowance, the difference will be deducted from their paycheck. Conversely, any portion of the allowance not used for insurance elections will be added to their paycheck as a one-time payment.

3. Make your selections through Workday@OK

Using either the web version or mobile app, employees navigate to Workday@OK once they're ready to submit their benefit selections online. Once logged in, an inbox notification will prompt employees to enroll in benefits for 2023. Enrolling through Workday@OK should only take a few minutes, and employees can make changes as many times as they want during Option Period.

Current employees have from Oct. 1 through Oct. 31 to enroll in coverage, change or drop plans, increase or decrease life coverage, and add or drop family members. All changes will go into effect Jan. 1, 2023.

Find more details on enrolling through Workday@OK on Page 10 of the BEG.

4. Need help?

Contact your agency benefit coordinator or call the OMES HCM Employee Benefits Department at 405-522-5528. For technical assistance with Workday@OK, please contact the OMES Service Desk.

Last Modified on Sep 30, 2022