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Crews begin work on Oklahoma Capitol security upgrades

By Christa Helfrey
Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Following the Oklahoma State Capitol Building renovations completed earlier this year, construction work is now underway on the Capitol grounds for an exterior beautification project, a joint effort between the state House and Senate with support from the Office of Management and Enterprise Services and the Department of Public Safety. The project, slated for completion Jan. 30, 2023, involves landscape enhancements and security improvements to better protect the people's house from potential threats.

When finished, there will be a new safety perimeter that includes guard stations on both the Senate and House sides of the Capitol, vehicle control equipment, and exterior cameras to provide increased security for legislative members and staff.

Additional upgrades will bring new sidewalks, energy-efficient LED security lighting, Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant parking and further landscaping to improve pedestrian circulation around the building.

Last Modified on Nov 30, 2022