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Employees nominated for OMES Shines

Friday, April 23, 2021

It’s been over a year since Director Steven Harpe brought a Get Stuff Done mindset to the Office of Management and Enterprise Services. Immediately, our staff knew agency culture would dramatically improve and daily expectations would rise to a higher level. Given that challenge, OMES workers said bring it on!

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, OMES metrics and employee surveys discovered staff productivity continues to improve. Employees are more invested and even happier while teleworking, and their faith in Director Harpe’s mission remains visible.

“At close to 1,000 employees, we are one of the largest state agencies. It was clear we needed to reinvest in our workforce and critical that we support them as they serve those who serve Oklahomans,” Director Harpe said. “OMES Shines is meant to publicly honor the dedicated service of our staff, who often work behind the scenes.”

Employees have expressed their honor at the recognition. Here are some responses:

Shauna Cole, Enterprise Programs Manager, Information Services:
“I love my job because it does not feel like a job. One reason for this is each day I am presented with new challenges and situations. The work we do makes a difference to the people we live around and our community.”

JC Haddox, Gaming Compliance Officer, Budget, Policy and Gaming Compliance:
“I get to meet and work with all of the Tribal gaming commissions in Oklahoma. They are great to work with and very knowledgeable.”

Brittany Lee, Budget Analyst and Assistant P-card Administrator, Finance:
“We really are such a diverse agency, and I love that I get to help facilitate the achievement of our customers’ goals.”

Zack Parker, Organizational and Employee Development Team Administrative Officer, Human Capital Management:
“I love being able to find creative ways to use my Excel coding ability to help the internal training team solve problems.”

Giang Doan, Workforce Data Analyst, HCM:
“I am often given the opportunities to continue to grow my skills and experiences. I love that everyone cares and that you have flexibility when needed.”

Joseph Farani, Procurement Specialist, Central Purchasing:
“The competitive and strategic nature of public procurement has always been exciting. In today’s fast-changing dynamic environment you cannot expect what challenges or opportunities you will face to achieve mission objectives.”

Lisa Raihl, State Payroll Manager, Central Accounting and Reporting:
“I like who I work for and who I work with, it’s a true sense of belonging and feeling valued. Our area has always been one of helping others, either within the agency or other agencies. Payroll really is my passion and I like being able to help others understand better when they are having issues or just don’t get something.”

Lucas Cheatwood, Enterprise Program Manager, IS:
“I’m grateful for the ability to take what I’ve learned at the national and global level with the U.S. Army and apply my experience to my home state in continued service. It is especially rewarding to be able to continue to mentor others; the ability to share my knowledge and guide my project team to improve and watch them shine is immeasurable.”

Lesli Bajema, Current Employee Enrollment Manager, Employees Group Insurance Division:
“OMES has a vision that all of us share. That shared dedication to achieving goals for our agency makes me feel like part of a big family. I also love having a voice. Our leadership listens to our ideas and works together to make them happen. The environment here is very supportive, and feedback is always welcome and creates growth. I always know where I stand and that I am valued. There is no better place to be.”

Andy Deighton, Fleet Specialist, Capital Assets Management:
“I have enjoyed every day. OMES has wonderful and knowledgeable employees willing to help when needed and provides great training opportunity for employees who are willing to better themselves.”

Janet Morrow, State Risk Management Director, General Counsel:
“I love being a part of a team that embraces the responsibility of being stewards of taxpayer dollars. We have a duty to protect the assets of the State of Oklahoma and its employees, along with being mindful of our citizens.”

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Last Modified on Aug 18, 2021