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74 O.S. § 85.11. Publication of Rules, Regulations and Specifications

The Purchasing Director shall publish such rules and regulations authorized hereunder as may be practicable at least once each year and is authorized to publish such specifications relating to materials, supplies, equipment and services to be acquired for the state as may best promote competition and apprise potential suppliers of the type of product desired. 

Associated Case Law

The Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act authorizes the Office of Management and Enterprise Services to promulgate rules governing the submission of service contract bids, the acceptance or rejection of any service affected by the Act, and any other matter or practice which is directly related to his responsibilities. The Purchasing Director is required by statute to publish the rules. These rules are matters of public record and need not have been incorporated into the record for review. The Oklahoma Supreme Court must take judicial notice of them.  See 74 O.S. §§85.5 and 85.11.

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