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OAC 260:120-1-11 - Reports

  1. Failure to provide reports or documentation. Reports or documentation requested from a qualified organization by the Committee through the contracting officer, shall be completed within thirty (30) days of the date requested. The Committee may cancel contracts of otherwise qualified organizations who fail to provide reports, documentation or information required by utilization terms of a contract. 
  2. Sales to political subdivisions other than the state. A qualified organization shall provide a quarterly report of purchases made by a political subdivision, excluding state agencies, from a contract the Committee awards. The report shall include: 
    1. the name and address of each political subdivision; 
    2. total amount of sales made to each political subdivision. 
  3. Notice of contract cancellation. The Committee shall direct the Contracting Officer to send written notice to a qualified organization at least thirty days prior to the cancellation date of a contract pursuant to subsection (a) of this section. 

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