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OAC 260:115-9-1 - Supplier contract performance

  1. Delivery. A supplier shall deliver acquisitions to a state agency within time periods the contract specifies. 
  2. Inspection. Unless otherwise provided in the contract documents, the state agency shall inspect acquisitions from the supplier within a reasonable time after supplier delivery. 
  3. Rejection. The state agency shall reject acquisitions from the supplier that do not meet specifications or other terms and conditions of the contract. The supplier shall pay costs to retrieve and replace acquisitions that do not meet specifications with a conforming item or service. 
  4. Acquisition title. Title to acquisitions shall not pass from the supplier to the state agency until the state agency receives, inspects and accepts the items. The state agency shall document, at a minimum, the date of delivery, the name and address of the supplier, a description of the goods received, and the signature of the receiving agency employee. 
  5. Subcontractor performance. A supplier shall be responsible for the performance of subcontractors. The supplier shall provide a single point of contact for the state agency when the supplier uses subcontractors. The supplier shall notify the state agency and the Central Purchasing Division if the supplier uses a subcontractor the supplier did not disclose in the supplier’s bid. 
  6. Contract changes. If a supplier determines a requested change to the contract or performance exceeds the original scope of the solicitation, the supplier shall notify the State Purchasing Director or the state agency. No changes shall be made prior to the approval of a change order in accordance with Section 260:115-9-3
  7. Contract assignment. A supplier shall not assign or subcontract a contract to another supplier, individual, business entity or organization unless otherwise specified in the solicitation. 
  8. Performance evaluation. 
    1. State agencies shall develop a process to consistently assess and document the quality of products and/or services acquired from a supplier. 
    2. State agencies shall retain written documentation of evaluation of the performance of services provided pursuant to a professional services contract with the acquisition file. If the evaluation indicates deficiencies with the supplier’s work, the state agency shall submit a Professional Service Evaluation to the State Purchasing Director. [Reference 74 O.S. §85.41

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