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OAC 260:115-7-23 - State agency acquisitions processed by the Central Purchasing Division

A state agency submitting requisitions to the Central Purchasing Division pursuant to 260:115-5-11 shall comply with this section. For the purposes of this section, "State Purchasing Director" does not include personnel of state agencies to whom the State Purchasing Director has delegated authority. 

  1. Forms. State agencies shall use forms for requisitions provided or approved by the State Purchasing Director. 
  2. Services requisition requirements. If the state agency requisitions professional or nonprofessional services, the state agency shall submit a requisition or contract, which includes applicable statutory language required by the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act, signed by the chief administrative officer of the agency or the chief administrative officer of the requisitioning unit certifying compliance with the Act. [Reference 74 O.S. § 85.4
  3. Evaluation Criteria. An agency shall include written criteria necessary to evaluate a supplier’s response to a solicitation such as technical scope, cost, experience, references etc. 
  4. Additional requisition information. The State Purchasing Director may require a state agency to submit additional information with a requisition. 
  5. Requisition acceptance or rejection. The State Purchasing Director shall accept or reject a state agency’s requisition. The State Purchasing Director shall notify the state agency if the State Purchasing Director rejects a requisition. 
  6. Competitive bid evaluation. The State Purchasing Director shall evaluate bids and may request assistance of the state agency. 
  7. Competitive bid award. The State Purchasing Director shall award a contract, as the solicitation specifies, to the responsible bidder that provides the lowest and best, or best value bid. 
  8. State agency notification. The State Purchasing Director shall notify the state agency of the successful bidder by purchase order following the award of contract.

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