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Succession Planning

Succession planning is a systematic process designed to prepare a pool of talent and key replacements to ensure the continued ability of an agency to meet its strategic goals and supporting objectives.

The Workforce Planning team is available for consultation and guidance throughout the process. Assistance can be provided in gathering data, facilitating succession planning training and completing exercises and templates.

Select each step of the succession planning process for additional details.

Succession Planning Steps

Step 1: Identify Key Roles


  • Key roles and profiles.
  • Current qualifications of key roles.
  • Knowledge, skills, competencies, experience and education required for the key roles.
  • Any new characteristics that may be needed moving forward.

Step 2: Create Talent Pool

Talent pools allow agencies to recognize workers whose skills and experience align with the values, goals and needs of the agency.

The benefits of having a talent pool includes analyzing skill gaps, better candidate experience, understanding future needs, reduced time to hire, improved quality of hire and reduced cost to hire.

Step 3: Talent Review Meeting

Talent review meetings help to uncover talent gaps. This allows agencies to focus on the development of their employees to continue to meet the agency’s strategic goals.

Step 4: Monitor

Monitor talent pools and adjust as needed. As your agency’s needs and strategies change, your talent pool must adapt to them. Monitoring progress helps your agency stay in alignment with goals, development and a growing organization.

Step 5: Review and Revise

Over time, internal and external changes affect your agency’s strategic goals. These factors may affect the requirements of key roles and availability of a ready workforce. Reviewing and adjusting your plan frequently helps agencies improve its services and efficiency.


Contact Workforce Planning for more information about the workforce planning process for your agency.

Our team can help your agency:

  • By providing consultation and guidance throughout the workforce planning process.
  • Gather data for the profile analysis.
  • Facilitate workforce planning training and exercises.


Last Modified on Nov 07, 2023
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