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Retirement Insurance Checklist

  • Ask the prospective retiree to attend a Pre-Retirement seminar. Dates and times are located on the Pre-Retirement Health Insurance Seminars listing.

  • Direct the member to the Planning for Your Insurance Needs at Retirement.

  • Verify Retirement/Vest/Non-vest/Defer – Eligibility: Education - ten years of full time service through TRS (405-521-2387 or toll-free 877-738-6365). State and local government - eight years of service through OPERS (405-858-6737 or toll-free at 800-733-9008).

  • Have the member complete an Application for Retiree/Vest/Non-Vest/Defer Insurance.

    • A completed application must be sent to EGID within 30 days of the termination of service.*

    • Make sure the form is signed, dated, and includes a current phone number.

    • Retirement is not an eligible event to change carriers. Changes to carriers can be made at the next annual Option Period.

  • If a retiring member is Medicare eligible and enrolling in HealthChoice with Part D, they must also complete the Application for Medicare Supplement.

  • If the member is enrolling in one of the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans (MA-PD), CommunityCare Senior or Generations Healthcare, the member must complete and return the Application for Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) Plan which is available on this website or by contacting Member Services at 1-405-717-8780 or 1-800-752-9475.  This form is in addition to the Application for Retiree/Vest/Non-Vest/Defer Insurance that must be also sent to EGID.

  • Employees and their eligible dependents can begin or continue health, dental, and/or vision coverage as long as the employer participates in those benefits through EGID, and the employee elects to continue or begin coverage within 30 days of termination of employment. Life insurance must be in effect before the termination of employment. Life insurance cannot be added at retirement.

  • If the retiree is keeping life insurance, make sure the Beneficiary Designation Form is current.

  • If the member or spouse is Medicare eligible, remind them they must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B (Social Security 800-772-1213).

  • If the member/spouse has delayed Medicare Part B, he/she must contact the Social Security administration office to begin their Part B coverage.

*If the member is Medicare eligible, the Application for Retiree/Vest/Non-Vest/Defer Insurance must be received by EGID prior to the termination date.

Last Modified on Sep 22, 2023
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