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Make a Plan

Wednesday, May 22, 2024


We all enjoy spending blue-sky days with our families. But how will you stay safe when disaster strikes?  Do you have what you need if a storm knocks out your power for a day or two? Is your disaster kit stocked for your changing family needs?

This 12-post toolkit was released as part of the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management's yearlong 12 Ways to Prepare social media campaign in 2024. This campaign aimed to meet residents where they were at with informational action items, encouraging them to be #ReadyOK while equipping them to that end. February's focus was Make a Plan, which sought to educate Oklahomans on the basic foundation of a family disaster plan, including hazard awareness, unique needs tailoring, proper emergency responses and emergency contacts. 

1. Review

CHECK ✅ We signed up for alerts and warnings in January ⭐ and February brings a new way to prepare: #MakeaPlan!  

😮‍💨 If you’ve ever tried to make a family emergency plan and grown overwhelmed, this month is for you 🫵💪 #YouCan make a plan to keep your family connected and empowered in an emergency. We’ll be breaking down how to go about that throughout this next month, but you can always find the rundown at

#YouCan #MakeaPlan #ResolveToBeReady #12WaysToBePrepared #ReadyOK #OklahomaWay

2. Intro

(2/12) You may have heard that the body doesn’t go where the mind has never been 🧠🤔 In emergency planning, it’s important to consider every disaster that may affect your area and work to lessen the potential impact of those disasters. 

This month, we’re diving deep into how to make an emergency plan for you and your family before a disaster strikes! Stay tuned for all the info, or visit for common #Oklahoma disasters and mitigation ideas. 

#YouCan #MakeaPlan #ResolveToBeReady #12WaysToBePrepared #ReadyOK #OklahomaWay

3. Hazards

Preparedness begins with awareness 👀 You’ve got to know what you’re planning for!

The main natural hazards you’ll face in our great state are tornadoes, wildfires, floods, earthquakes, lightning and winter weather. Man-made disasters you should plan for include house fires and public attacks. 

Learn about these hazards and more at and to set your planning gears in motion ⚙️

#YouCan #MakeaPlan #12WaysToBePrepared #ReadyOK #OklahomaWay

4. Unique Needs

When you #MakeaPlan for your family, be sure to tailor your plans and supplies to your specific, daily-living needs and responsibilities. 

Keep in mind some of these factors when developing your plan:

  • Different ages of members within your household

  • Responsibilities for assisting others

  • Locations frequented 

  • Dietary needs

  • Medical needs including prescriptions and equipment

  • Disabilities or access and functional needs including devices and equipment

  • Languages spoken

  • Cultural and religious considerations

  • Pets or service animals

  • Households with school-aged children 

#YouCan #MakeaPlan #12WaysToBePrepared #ReadyOK #OklahomaWay

5. Existing Plans

Some of the locations your family members frequent may already have emergency protocols in place 👌 Reach out and incorporate those into your family’s plan so you can be #Ready, wherever you are!   

Visit for more preparedness tips. 

#YouCan #MakeaPlan #12WaysToBePrepared #ReadyOK #OklahomaWa

6. Respond

Moments matter in times of disaster. It’s important to know beforehand how you’ll respond. #MakeaPlan and practice! This will empower you and your family to rise above any fear or chaos and make the decisions that matter most to keep everyone safe. 

Learn about common disasters and how to prepare for them at

#YouCan #12WaysToBePrepared #ReadyOK #OklahomaWay

7. Floor Plan

Break out the old sketch pens and get to work on an emergency escape route plan for your home! 🤓✏️

This is important to walk through with everyone, but especially children, who may be more likely to panic in an emergency and overlook a potential exit.

Learn how to #MakeaPlan for your family at

#YouCan #ReadyOK #12WaysToBePrepared #OklahomaWay

8. Pick 2

Just like your favorite lunch menu, you should #PickTwo meeting places for your family in case you cannot return home after an emergency: 1 near your home, and 1 outside your neighborhood. 

Find more tips on how to #MakeaPlan for your family at

#YouCan #MakeaPlan #12WaysToBePrepared #ReadyOK #OklahomaWay

9. Designee

NEWS FLASH ⚡️ During an emergency, your cell service may not be as reliable as it normally is. If phone lines are tied up in one area, it is often easier to call long distance or send a text during an emergency. Choose an out-of-state friend or relative for all family members to call or text if separated during an emergency. 

Visit for more tips on getting your family ready for an emergency.  

#YouCan #MakeaPlan #12WaysToBePrepared #ReadyOK #OklahomaWay

10. Family Meeting

You’ve made the plan, now it’s time to call a #FamilyMeeting! 🤩

Discuss the dangers of possible natural and man-made disasters in your area and how you and your family will respond to each, including provisions for power outages and personal injuries. 

Make sure everyone in the family knows the plan! Visit for more preparedness tips. 

#YouCan #MakeaPlan #12WaysToBePrepared #ReadyOK #OklahomaWay

11. Drill

You and your family have made an emergency plan 🥳 Now practice! 👏

Consider practicing emergency drills at least twice a year and establishing a system to keep track of the supplies in your emergency kits. 

Find disaster drill instructions and what to put in your #EmergencyKit at

#YouCan #MakeaPlan #12WaysToBePrepared #ReadyOK #OklahomaWay

12. Review

Life changes. Make sure your family’s preparedness remains a priority ⚠️ through all the addresses, ages and stages. Review your family’s emergency plan once a year to make needed changes, and be sure to keep your family in the loop. 

You never know when an emergency may happen! With these tips, your family will be empowered to face whatever comes. Find more at 

#YouCan #MakeaPlan #12WaysToBePrepared #ReadyOK #OklahomaWay

Last Modified on May 22, 2024
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