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Copyright and Ownership

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all information on the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth (OCCY) website is in the public domain, and may be reproduced, published or otherwise used without the permission of OCCY. This statement does not pertain to information at websites other than, whether funded by OCCY or not.

However, OCCY does make use of copyright protected material (e.g.; stock photographs, commercially-designed templates, etc.) that may require additional permissions prior to use. In order to use any information on the OCCY website that is not owned or created by OCCY, you must seek direct permission from the owning (or holding) source. Furthermore, the unique branding, various official seals and marks, may not be used without the expressed written consent of OCCY.

If you have questions about this policy, please contact OCCY’s Public Information Officer.

Last Modified on Jun 23, 2022
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