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Meet the Staff

FSMDTs consist of professionals from prosecution (i.e., District Attorney), law enforcement, Child Welfare Services (Oklahoma Department of Human Services), medicine, mental health, domestic violence (recommended), and other related fields that promote coordination and teamwork needed to ensure a timely and appropriate response to investigations of child maltreatment. FSMDTs conduct formalized case reviews that allow team members to share information and eliminate duplicate efforts immediately.

Brittany Gassner

FSMDT Program Manager

Brittany Gassner is the Freestanding Multidisciplinary Teams (FSMDT) program manager at the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth.

Brittany has more than 14 years of professional experience within the career field of victim services. She began her career as a Volunteer Coordinator and Family Advocate at the Garfield County Child Advocacy Center. Her primary focus was working with families with children who were abuse victims.

In addition to being a Volunteer Coordinator, Brittany also served as a Victim/Witness Coordinator at the Kingfisher County District Attorney’s office and the Team Coordinator for the Kingfisher County FSMDT. Before joining OCCY, Brittany worked with the agency to develop a statewide training model to help prepare new FSMDT Coordinators to serve their counties.

In 2021, Brittany received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Services from Southern New Hampshire University. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her husband, Bob, reading, and spending time with her children, dog, cat, and extended family.

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FSMDT Training Coordinator

Last Modified on Sep 21, 2023