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Forms and Applications

Please note that renewal forms will only be accepted during your renewal period and the Late Filing period following your birth month. If you attempt to file the form prior to your renewal period, the form and fee(s) will be returned to you immediately. Your renewal period starts the month before your birth month giving you two months to timely file.

2024 Firm Registration Renewal Form (OAB FORM R004)

2024 Individual Registrant Renewal Form (For reporting 2023 CPE hours) (OAB FORM R003)

Interim Permit Application (OAB FORM R002)

Reciprocal Application Form and Instructions (OAB FORM R008)

Reinstatement Application and Instructions (OAB FORM R009-A)
Use if Revoked or Cancelled less than one year.

Reinstatement Application and Instructions (OAB FORM R009-B)
Use if Revoked or Cancelled more than one year.

Initial Firm Application (OAB FORM R005)

Firm Reinstatement Application (OAB FORM R018)

Out-of-State Non-Incorporated Sole Proprietorship Registration Form (OAB FORM R005-SP)

Registrants Performing Attest Services for Governmental Entities Registration/Renewal Form (OAB FORM R011)

Application to Use a CPA Trade Name or DBA (OAB FORM R010)

Retired Status Application Form (OAB FORM R020) Combined with Retired CPE Exemption Affidavit
If you complete the Retired Status form, you do not need to complete the Renewal Update. 

Disabled Status Application Form (OAB FORM R021) Combined with Disabled CPE Exemption Affidavit

Notification of Return to Active Status (OAB FORM R006)

Criminal History Eligibility Review Form (OAB FORM R022)

Firm Designated Licensee Declaration Form (OAB FORM R023)

Last Modified on Apr 29, 2024