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Initial Firm Application

For full instructions and information on the application process, click here.

Step 1) Oklahoma CPAs need to request a Letter of Good Standing from the Oklahoma Accountancy Board. (Please note, Oklahoma CPAs must hold an active license and permit to practice to form a new CPA Firm in Oklahoma).
*Out of state firm applicants do not need documentation from the Oklahoma Accountancy Board prior to registering with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. *

Step 2) Register the entity with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Please note, Title 18, Chapter 18, Section 807, of the Oklahoma Statutes states: “The name of every professional entity shall end with one or more of the words or abbreviations permitted in the applicable associated acts; provided, that such words or abbreviations shall be modified by the word ‘professional’ or some abbreviation of the combination, including, without limitation: ‘P.C.’, ‘P.L.P.’ or ‘P.L.L.C.’. (Title 18 allows out-of-state firms to register as the same type of firm in Oklahoma as they are registered in their home state (i.e. LLC, LLP, etc.).

Step 3) Complete and Submit the Initial Firm Application and associated fees. This can be done online through the Applicant Portal, or the Initial Firm Application

*IMPORTANT* Proof that the firm has complied with the requirements of the Oklahoma Secretary of State must accompany this form (Law: Section 15.15A[B][3]). Proof consists of a copy of the Professional Certificate of Incorporation, the Professional Articles of Organization, or comparable form depending on the form of organization, filed with the Oklahoma Secretary of State (showing Secretary of State's "Filed" stamp), with all amendments thereto, and a copy of the Professional Certificate issued by the Oklahoma Secretary of State. In addition, out-of-state firms are required to submit proof that they are properly registered in their home state.

Once all documents have been received and the application is processed, the applicant will receive additional email correspondence regarding next steps.

Last Modified on Jun 21, 2023
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