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Established Candidate Information

An established candidate is anyone who has submitted an Eligibility Application and received an official approval email with instructions on how to begin testing for the CPA examination.

Notice Regarding Extension of Testing Window 

The Oklahoma Accountancy Board has been notified concerning some confusion surrounding NASBA’s model rules extending the testing window from 18 to 30 months. The rules put out by NASBA are only model rules for consideration by each state and do not have the effect of law in Oklahoma. Currently, Oklahoma Accountancy Board rules set a length of 18 months for the completion of the CPA Exam. The OAB will notify the public through the administrative rules process if an extended timeframe is being considered for Oklahoma candidates. The administrative rules process in Oklahoma will begin in late fall/early winter 2023. Please feel free to reach out to the OAB with any questions you may have.

CPA Examination Credit Extension Policy 
Transition Policy Announced for the 2024 CPA Exam Under the CPA Evolution Initiative

After you receive confirmation of eligibility approval your approval email will contain important information on the examination process and how to apply for sections of the exam. Please make sure to read the approval email.

Examination Application Submission Process

CPA Examination Costs

Section(s) Applied For OAB Application Feea Other Costsb Total
    2024 2025 2024 2025
Any ONE Section $75.00 $254.80 $262.64 $329.80 $337.64
Any TWO Sections $75.00 $509.60 $525.28 $584.60 $600.28
Any THREE Sections $75.00 $764.40 $787.92 $839.40 $862.92
ALL FOUR Sections $75.00 $1,019.20 $1,050.56 $1,094.20 $1,125.56

a Application Fee: Fee paid by the candidate to the Board with each Candidate for Examination Application regardless of the number of sections applied to sit for.

b Other Costs: Costs paid by the candidate to NASBA (NASBA pays AICPA and Prometric). These costs are not directly controlled by or paid to the OAB.

Note: You can have an open application for only one discipline (BAR, ISC, TCP) at any given time. 

Oklahoma Prometric Testing Centers
Oklahoma City
3545 NW 58th St., Suite 210
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(405) 917-1724

3015 E Skelly Dr., Suite 254
Tulsa, OK 74105
(539) 424-0527

The Oklahoma Accountancy Board and staff wish to express our gratitude and concern for our candidates who are members of the military. The Board's rules make provisions for military members to request extensions of their candidacy based on activation or deployments. Candidates needing to request an extension should contact the Board in writing and include a copy of the orders that necessitate the extension. Within 60 days of discharge from active duty or return from deployment the Board should be notified, again in writing, with a copy of the discharge orders.

The thoughts and hearts of our Board members and staff are with you.

Title 10, Oklahoma Administrative Code
10:15-18-11. Requests for extension of time

a.   A candidate may apply for an extension of the time limits set by this Subchapter if the candidate is called to active military service or becomes incapacitated as a result of illness or injury.
b.   The candidate shall file a written request with the Board for an extension after receiving the call to active military service and shall furnish a copy of the orders to active military service or furnish written evidence of incapacitation or injury.
c.   Within sixty (60) calendar days after the candidate is discharged from active military service, the candidate shall furnish the Board with copies of the discharge orders. The candidate shall then be required to take one (1) of the next two (2) examinations for which the candidate is eligible following the candidate's discharge from military service or rehabilitation from illness or injury.

Candidates can view their scores in the Oklahoma Accountancy Board online dashboard or their NASBA account.

Score Release Timeline

Request for a Review/Appeal of the Uniform CPA Examination Score

The process from this point is as follows:

  1. Application for Certification/Licensure: This is the final application for you to receive your CPA Certification and requires Board approval. You will have access this application in your OAB portal account once your final passing score is confirmed. We can provide a paper form upon request.   
    •   (Required) Experience Verification Form: This form is available to download and print from the instruction page of the  online application. You will find it under the header “Documents to be Submitted”. You must fill out your portion of the form, have your verifier fill out their portion and notarize it. Your verifier cannot both sign it and notarize it. The completed and notarized Experience Verification will be uploaded during the Certification Application process and is a required document before submission. For questions about experience, please contact Lauren Norcom at

    •     (Required) Professional Ethics: The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' Comprehensive Course (Ethics Exam): All persons must complete this course as part of the CPA Certification requirements and score a 90% or above. This course can be purchased directly from the AICPA. Additional information for this CPE Course is attached. You must submit the CPE certificate for this course with your Certification Application. You may complete this course any point during your path to certification, but do not submit in advance. 

    •     (If Applicable) Permit to Practice Public Accounting: If you are employed with a public accounting firm and/or plan to provide public accounting related services, you must obtain a permit to practice public accounting in addition to the CPA certificate. You must show proof of 40 CPE hours earned within the prior calendar year or within the last 365 days. Certificates of completion must be submitted with Certification Application. For questions about CPE for initial Certification, please contact Lauren Norcom at
  2. You will receive your final score notice in the mail.  We usually receive the paper score within 5 business days of the release date, and they are mailed to candidates the same day.

Last Modified on Mar 06, 2024
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