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Individual Reinstatement Application

Please note there are 2 separate applications that are determined by the number of years that the license has been cancelled or revoked. For full instructions and information on the application process, click the appropriate application below.

Application to Reinstate - Within 1 Year of Cancellation or Revocation
Application to Reinstate - Cancelled or Revoked More Than 1 Year
*If you have questions regarding the number of years cancelled or revoked and the associated fees, please contact the Licensing Coordinator at (405) 522-3091.

Step 1) Applicant must provide the following documents which are required of all applicants:

  • Evidence of successful completion of "Professional Ethics: The AICPA's Comprehensive Course" or its equivalent as part of the requirement for certification [Section 15.9 of the Act and Section 10:15-35-1 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC)].
    *IMPORTANT: You do not have to take the exam again if you can submit sufficient documentation to show you successfully completed the exam (score of 90% or above).

  • All reinstatement applicants must submit three letters of reference. The authors of these letters cannot be related to you, and the letter must attest to your character, ability and experience. The letters must be originals containing the author’s signature and not be over 60 days old. 
  • Additionally: If you are applying for a permit to practice, you must also submit documentation (CPE certificates) verifying 40 hours of CPE obtained in the calendar year preceding the date of the application or in the 365 days preceding the date of the application. For assistance on CPE requirements, please contact the CPE Coordinator at (405) 522-3092.

 Notice of Return to Active Status

Step 2) Complete and Submit the correct Application to Reinstatement and associated fees. This can be done online through the Applicant Portal, or on paper via Application to Reinstate - Within 1 Year or Application to Reinstate - More Than 1 Year.

Once all documents have been received and the application is processed, the applicant will receive additional email correspondence regarding next steps.

Last Modified on Feb 23, 2024
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