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Application Status? Nurse Portal Message Center

Fees Are Nonrefundable


Upon submission of an application, Board staff will review the submission to evaluate its completeness. To stay informed of processing progress of your application, log in to your Nurse Portal account. If there is an element of the application affecting its completeness, you will receive a notice in your Nurse Portal Message Center. If you take and DO NOT PASS the examination, a rewrite application and fee must be submitted.

You Must Obtain Licensure Prior to Working or Employment Orientation

You must obtain a temporary or permanent license prior to working in a position requiring a license, including participation in orientation for positions requiring licensure.

How Will You Know When Your License/Certificate/Recognition Has Been Issued?

Board staff do not provide test results or license/certificate/recognition issuance information over the telephone. Once the license/certificate/recognition is issued, the License Verification Portal on the Board’s website will be the first place your new license/certificate/recognition will be noted. 

Application Processing Timelines and Application Expirations

Applications to the Board are valid for one year after receipt with the exception of Applications for Multistate Licensure for Existing Active or Not Active Oklahoma Licensees, which are valid for six months. After the time period of validity has elapsed, a new application and fee must be submitted. You may view average processing times of a completed application at our website on the Agency Data and Reports Page under Quarterly Statistics. All applications are reviewed in the order they are received. To check on the status of your application or ask questions, visit the Nurse Portal and Nurse Portal Message Center. If further review is required, including but not limited to a report of criminal history or positive results from the fingerprint-based state and federal criminal background check, the processing time may be lengthened. Every effort is made to process applications expeditiously. 

Name and Address Changes

You are required to notify the Board in writing of any name and/or address changes occurring during the application, registration and/or testing process prior to issuance of licensure or certification. This notification must be submitted via your Nurse Portal account and the fee will be waived for a name change.

Applicants currently licensed or that previously have been licensed with this Board under a different name, or have a current name change, must notify this Board within 30 days of the change, complete a Name Change Request found in the Other Applications link on your Nurse Portal page, upload a certified copy of the legal document changing your name, and submit the required fee in order to be licensed/certified or have recognition issued under the new name. 

Forms Referenced In Application Instructions

Forms referenced in application instructions can be accessed at the Board’s website, on the Application Types and Instructions Main Page.

Registration With Pearson Vue For The NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination)

You must be registered with Pearson VUE to receive an Authorization to Test letter (ATT), which is issued by Pearson VUE after your application has been approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing. Once you are registered with NCLEX, your NCLEX registration will remain effective for one year, awaiting the approval of the Board, or until you are approved and take the examination, whichever comes first.  After the Board approves your registration and you have received your ATT, you have 90 days to schedule and take the examination.

Completion of the licensure examination:  After all other requirements for licensure have been met, you will be made eligible to take the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN licensure examination.  In order to be made eligible, you must have registered with the Pearson Vue testing service.

License/Certificate/Recognition Expiration

RN and APRN licenses, and any associated prescriptive authority recognition including supervising physician agreements, or authority to select, order, obtain and administer schedule II-V drugs for APRN-CRNAs, expire the last day of the licensee’s birth month in even-numbered years following the date of issuance. The application fee includes processing of the application and licensure through the current renewal period. 

LPN licenses and AUA certificates expire the last day of the licensee’s/certificant’s birth month in odd-numbered years following the date of issuance. The application fee includes the processing of your application and certification through the current renewal period.  

Fees Not Honored By The Financial Institution

In accordance with Oklahoma law (59 O.S. §567.7 (E)), the Executive Director shall suspend the license or certificate of a person who submits a check, money draft, or similar instrument for payment of a fee which is not honored by the financial institution named.  The suspension becomes effective ten (10) days following delivery by certified mail of written notice of the dishonor and the impending suspension to the person’s address on file.  Upon notification of suspension, the person may reinstate the authorization to practice upon payment of the fees and any and all costs associated with notice and collection.  The suspension shall be exempt from the Administrative Procedures Act. 

Last Modified on Sep 12, 2023