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Peer Assistance Program

A Peer Assistance Program was implemented in November 1994 under the supervision and control of the Board of Nursing. The Peer Assistance Program supports the Oklahoma Board of Nursing's mission to safeguard the public. Peer Assistance is a voluntary, alternative-to-discipline program for nurses whose competency may be compromised because of abuse of drugs and/or alcohol. The purpose of the program is to provide structured monitoring of the recovering nurse so that the nurse can be treated and return to or continue the practice of nursing in a manner which will benefit the public. Participant records are protected by confidentiality as long as the nurse maintains program compliance.

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Peer Assistance Committee

Peer Assistance Committees function under the authority of the Board in accordance to the Rules of the Board (59 O.S. § 567.17B).  The committee members are appointed by the Board of Nursing for three-year terms (OAC 485:10-19-4(d)).  They serve voluntarily without pay. Board rules require that each PAC have at least one recovering individual, one individual with a certification in addictions and the majority to be licensed nurses (OAC 485:10-19-4(b)).

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Peer Assistance Program Forms

Oklahoma Peer Assistance Program
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