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Board Information

The Board is composed of eleven members appointed by the Governor. Six are Registered Nurses, three are Licensed Practical Nurses, and two are citizens of the state of Oklahoma who represent the public.

Board Members serve for a period of five years, with the Public Members serving coterminously with the Governor. The officers of the Board are the President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer, who are elected annually.

Board Members

Katherine O'Dell, DNP, APRN-CNP, RN, President
Geographical District 6
Term 2019-2024

Kyle Leemaster, MBA, RN, Vice-President
Geographical District 4
Term 2020-2025

Shawn Stachovic, LPN, Secretary-Treasurer
Geographical District 4
Term 2022-2026

Amber Garretson, APRN-CNS, CCRN
Geographical District 5
Term 2021-2026

Nikole Hicks, PhD, RN, CNE
Geographical District 1
Term 2021-2026

Lindsay Potts, LPN
Geographical District 2
Term 2018-2023

Callie Rinehart, MSN, RN, CPN
Geographical District 3
Term 2022-2027

Shaston Salie, LPN
Geographical District 3
Term 2022-2027

Shelly Swalley, MS, RN
Geographical District 8
Term 2018-2023

Georgina Calhoun, Public Member
Geographical District 3
Term 2019-2023 (coterminous with Governor)

Marisa Wrape, Public Member
Geographical District 2
Term 2023-2027 (coterminous with Governor)

Contact Board Members by calling (405) 962-1811 or email:

Last Modified on Sep 12, 2023