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Agency Staff Listing


  • Jenny Barnhouse, DNP, RN, Executive Director
  • Mike Starchman, RN, CPA, Deputy Executive Director
  • Sandra Ellis, CPM, Executive Assistant
  • Eric Meigs, BBA, Business Manager

Regulatory Services:

  • Mike Starchman, RN, CPA, Deputy Executive Director
  • Madison Edwards, RN, MSN, Associate Director of Nursing Practice
  • Terri Walker, RN, MSN, Nursing Education Consultant
  • Darcy Hammond, RN, MS, Licensing Manager
  • Melanie Russell, BA, Licensing Specialist
  • Laura Ashbaker, RN, ADN, Licensing Analyst
  • Janet Campbell, Legal Secretary
  • Romelda Daniels, BA, Administrative Technician
  • Dana Hall, AA, Administrative Technician
  • Darma Miner, Administrative Technician
  • Karen Murdock, Administrative Technician
  • Keziah Price, Administrative Technician

Peer Assistance Program:

  • Melissa Monroe, DNP, RN, Peer Assistance Program Coordinator
  • Marcia Cordry, RN, BSN, Case Manager
  • Erica McArthur, RN, BSN, Case Manager
  • Amy Tomlinson, BA, Legal Secretary

Investigative Division:

  • Lisa Griffitts, RN, MS, Director, Investigative Division
  • Terrie Kiker, APRN-CNS, MS, Nurse Investigator
  • Sara Chambers, RN, MS, Nurse Investigator
  • April Short, RN, BSN, Nurse Investigator
  • Mark Stroud, RN, BSN, MBA, Nurse Investigator
  • Robin Bryant, BA, Legal Secretary
  • Andrea Denman, AA, Legal Secretary
  • Teena Jackson, Legal Secretary
Last Modified on Aug 07, 2023