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140:10-5-3. Revocation or suspension of license; reinstatement

  • (a) In the event that a licensee fails to obtain a renewal license on or before the first day of July of each year,
    the original license of such licensee shall lapse or be suspended as provided for at Section 161.11 of Title 59 of the Oklahoma Statutes. The Board may reinstate the original license of such person upon the payment of all fees due, plus a penalty fee in the amount provided for in the Board's fee schedule, and upon presentation to the Board of satisfactory evidence of compliance with the continuing education requirements and any other education or training which the Board, in its discretion, deems necessary.
  • (b) If the Board receives notice from the Oklahoma Tax Commission that a licensee is not compliant with the Oklahoma income tax law pursuant to Section 238.1 of Title 68 of the Oklahoma Statutes, the license of that physician shall not be renewed but shall automatically be suspended pursuant to Section 161.11 of the Act. The suspension shall begin July 1 of the renewal year and shall not be lifted until:
    1. the Board receives notice from the Oklahoma Tax Commission that the license has come into compliance with Oklahoma income tax law; and
    2. the licensee has paid a reinstatement fee of $400.00

To apply for Reinstatement of your Oklahoma license, please select the link. Once it is opened up, select the option "Licensee Portal":
Select this link to download the Step-by-Step Guide on how to access the new portal.

The following are explanations for accepted documents in the new system:

  • 2X2 passport photos - we will not accept driver's licenses and photo must be within the previous 6 months.

Please contact the Board Office at (405) 522-3400 if you have any questions.

Last Modified on Dec 21, 2023
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