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OAC 140: 30-3-3. Certified Chiropractic Assistant Examination

  • (a) If an application to become a certified chiropractic assistant is approved by the Executive Director pursuant to 140:30-3-2, they must have taken a twelve (12) hour training course approved by the Board before taking the certified chiropractic assistant exam. The Board will review all training courses to ensure that they are sufficient in providing adequate and competent clinical training to the applicant. The applicant will have three (3) opportunities to pass the exam. If the exam is failed three (3) times, the applicant will be required to take another (12) hours course before he or she can retake the exam.
  • (e) If an applicant has a minimum of two thousand (2000) hours of full time employment as a chiropractic assistant employed by a licensed Oklahoma chiropractic physician, that applicant will be exempt from obtaining the twelve (12) hours of training prior to taking the examination the first time as required in paragraph (a) of this section. If the applicant is unable to pass the examination after three attempts, the applicant must, at that time, successfully complete twelve (12) hours of training obtained at an educational program approved by the Board before taking the certified chiropractic assistant examination offered by the Board.

Online Courses:

CCCA Online

CCCA online was developed by Dr. Laurie Mueller, author of the role determination study used by FCLB to develop the CCCA guidelines and peer-reviewer for CCCA testing!

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Canham College, Inc. has proudly provided quality online educational courses since 2007.


Courses are facilitated by the University of Bridgeport, Health Sciences Postgraduate Education Department which includes the College of Chiropractic, a CCE accredited College.

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