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The General Services Administration negotiated an amendment to the Instagram terms. The Amended Terms for Federal, State, and Local Governments in the United States is available online. 

Instagram has specifically agreed to modify the provisions of its terms and conditions to:

  • Strike the indemnity clause except to the extent indemnity is allowed by laws of your jurisdiction;
  • Strike language requiring that legal disputes be venued in California courts and adjudicated under California law; and
  • Encourage amicable resolution between public entities and Instagram over any disputes.

The modifications immediately apply to state and local government agencies already on Instagram.

Key Documents/Online Content

Implementation Steps

  1. Before a State of Oklahoma agency may use any social media or social networking site, the agency must have such an internal social media policy developed and approved by the Office of Management and Enterprise (OMES). Create the policy and submit it to the OMES Service Desk. Guidance for creating this policy may be found in the State of Oklahoma Social Networking and Social Media Development Methodology. OMES must approve the agency policy before the agency may use social networking or social media technologies.

  2. Review the Instagram Terms of Service and the Amended Terms for Federal, State and Local Governments in the United States. The amended terms apply to existing and new accounts. The state has accepted the amended terms.

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In order for an agency to have its social networking or social media site linked on the State web portal,, an agency must to sign and return a copy of the Social Networking/Social Media Agreement. You may obtain a digital copy of the agreement by contacting the OMES Service Desk - by phone at (405) 521-2444; by e-mail at

The agreement must be signed by the agency director or deputy director and returned to the State Chief Information Officer. If you have any questions about the agreement, please contact the OMES Service Desk - by phone at (405) 521-2444; by e-mail at

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