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74 O.S. § 85.27. Elective State Officers - Blanket Bond

Each elective state officer shall, before entering office, give surety in an amount and upon terms and conditions as may be specified and provided by this act. Such blanket bond shall be furnished by a company duly qualified under the insurance laws of this state. The blanket bond shall be payable to the State of Oklahoma and, whenever possible, conditioned on the faithful performance of the duties of the individuals covered by the provisions of this act during their employment or term of office and that they will properly account for all monies and property received by virtue of their position or employment.

Associated Attorney General Opinions

Purchase of an additional surety bond to supplement the blanket bond contemplated under 74 O.S. § 85.29 is not authorized under related statutes in the Central Purchasing Act and the amounts set forth in §85.29 are controlling with respect to the authority provided in §85.28. Section 85.31 expressly transfers and confers upon the Purchasing Division the authority to purchase any official, surety and blanket bonds or surety contract authorized by state law.

Note: this Opinion was issued prior to enactment of 74 O.S. §85.58A et seq., which tasks OMES Risk Management with obtaining these blanket bonds.

See 74.O.S. §§85.26 through 85.31.

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