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62 O.S. § 34.31.2. State Technology Contracts

Notwithstanding any other section of law, the Chief Information Officer may allow a public agency to utilize duly awarded state information technology and telecommunications contracts in lieu of bidding procedures, if any, otherwise applicable to such purchases by the public agency. For the purposes of this section the term "public agency" means a governmental entity specified as a political subdivision of the state pursuant to The Governmental Tort Claims Act or a state, county or local governmental entity in its state of origin.

Associated Rules

  1. General. The Chief Information Officer is appointed by the Governor and has authority over the Information Services Division of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services.
  2. Authority. The Chief Information Officer, or any employee or agent of the Chief Information Officer acting within the scope of delegated authority, shall have the same power and authority regarding the procurement of all information technology and telecommunications products and services ... for all state agencies as the State Purchasing Director has for all acquisitions used or consumed by state agencies as established in The Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act.
  3. Official directives. The Chief Information Officer shall issue directives, instructions or written communications to state agencies regarding required procurement practices and procedures for the acquisition of information technology and telecommunications goods and services.

Unless otherwise provided by law, state agencies shall acquire information technology products and services in accordance with the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act [74 O.S. §§85.1 et seq.], the Oklahoma State Finance Act [62 O.S. §§34 et seq.] the rules of this chapter, and requirements established by the Information Services Division of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services. 

Associated Procurement Information Memorandums

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