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OAC 260:85-1-2 - Definitions

The following words or terms, when used in this Chapter, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise: 

"Agency" means any department, board, commission, institution, authority, or agency of the State of Oklahoma. 

"Asphalt materials containing ground tire rubber" means asphalt material mixed with recovered rubber from scrap automobile, truck, or bus tires. The term includes asphalt rubber and rubber modified asphalt. 

"Director" means the Director of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services. 

"Economically feasible" means that the cost of an action is reasonable in consideration of the beneficial result, as determined by the Director of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services. 

"Life cycle cost" means a cost which is distinguished from a product's purchase price in that the additional considerations of waste disposal cost, durability, and reusability are incorporated into the concept of product cost. 

"Office" or "OMES" means the Office of Management and Enterprise Services. 

"Post-consumer material" means those products or recyclable materials generated or discarded by a business or a consumer that have served their intended end uses, and that have been recovered from or otherwise diverted from the solid waste stream for the purpose of recycling. Wastepaper generated in paper mill operations such as cutting, trimming, coating, or converting, along with mill broke and other in-plant residual wastes, although present in recycled paper products, shall not be included in the determination of the percentage of post-consumer material, but may be included in the determination of the percentage of total recycled materials content. 

"Practicable" means capable of being used consistent with: 

  1. performance in accordance with applicable specifications; 
  2. availability at a reasonable price; 
  3. availability within a reasonable period of time; 
  4. maintenance of a satisfactory level of competition. 

"Price preference" means the percentage over and above the price of non-recycled products and materials which may be allowed for the purchase of recycled products and materials. 

"Products manufactured from virgin materials" means products which are composed entirely of materials which have not been previously used in manufacture. 

"Products manufactured with recycled materials" means products that are manufactured with a minimum content of ten percent (10%) post-consumer materials. 

"Recyclable materials" means materials or products which are capable of being recycled, including, but not limited to paper, glass, plastics, metals, automobile oil, and batteries. 

"Recycled paper products" means all paper products manufactured from recoverable waste paper, with not less than ten percent (10%) of their total weight consisting of waste paper. 

"Recycling" means a three step process: 

  1. the identification and collection of usable materials from the solid waste stream; 
  2. the processing of these materials into new products; and, 
  3. the purchase and use of products containing reused materials. 

"Recycling plan" means a scheme, method, schedule, and outline for action which is designed to fulfill the intent, requirements, and goals of the Oklahoma State Recycling and Recycled Materials Procurement Act. 

"Recycling program" means a system of instructions, procedures, services, and tasks by which source reduction is accomplished, recyclable materials are salvaged, separated, and disposed of, and products manufactured with recycled materials are procured, in accordance with the intent of the Oklahoma State Recycling and Recycled Materials Procurement Act. A recycling program may include services provided by private, nonprofit, and/or cooperative contractors. 

"Re-refined oils" means used oils from which the physical and chemical contaminants acquired through prior use have been removed through a refining process. 

"Retreaded tire" means any tire that utilizes an existing casing for the purpose of vulcanizing new tread to such casing and which meets all performance and quality standards specified in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards determined by the United States Department of Transportation. 

"State public entity" means the State Legislature, any bureau, agency, board, commission, or authority of the state; the Office of the Governor, the judiciary, or any state university, school district or county of the state which is supported in whole or in part by state funds. 

"The Act" means the Oklahoma State Recycling and Recycled Materials Procurement Act. 

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74 O.S. § 85.51 Definitions

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