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OAC 260:115-9-5 - Supplier invoice submission

  1. Supplier invoice submission. Following transfer of title of an acquisition to a state agency, the supplier shall submit invoices to the state agency. 
  2. Advance payment for acquisitions. The state agency shall not pay for acquisitions a supplier has yet to deliver, unless otherwise authorized by law. 
  3. Payment and state agency acceptance. State agency payment to a supplier for an acquisition may not constitute final acceptance of the acquisition by the state agency. If subsequent state agency inspection affirms that the acquisition does not meet or exceed the specifications of the contract, or that the acquisition has latent defects, the state agency shall notify the supplier. The supplier shall retrieve and replace the acquisition at the supplier’s expense, or the state agency shall request a refund from the supplier if the supplier is unable to replace the acquisition. 

Associated Statutes

Oklahoma Minority Business Enterprise Assistance Act
74 O.S. § 85.45j Sole Source or Sole Brand Acquisition

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