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OAC 260:115-1-4 - State Purchasing Director authority

  1. General. The OMES Director, the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act and other laws prescribe the duties, responsibilities and authority of the State Purchasing Director. For the purposes of this section, “State Purchasing Director” does not include personnel of state agencies to whom the State Purchasing Director has delegated authority.
  2. Authority. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 85.4 of this title [Title 74], the State Purchasing director, under the supervision of the Director of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services, shall have sole and exclusive authority and responsibility for all acquisitions used or consumed by state agencies. [74 O.S. §85.5]
  3. Official directives. The State Purchasing Director shall issue directives, instructions or written communications to state agencies regarding required procurement practices and procedures to ensure compliance with provisions of the Central Purchasing Act, the Procurement rules and any other matter relating to state agency acquisitions and procurement. 

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