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What does an Architect do? A Landscape Architect? A Registered Commercial Interior Designer?

In order to be able to call themselves "Architects," "Landscape Architects," and "Registered Commercial Interior Designers," as well as to offer these services, a person has to have the education, experience, and examination required by the state of Oklahoma; they also must continue to learn their profession through Continuing Education. This ensures that any individual who legally calls themselves a licensed professional is qualified to do so. 

Architects are licensed professionals trained in the art and science of building design for the primary reason of protecting the public. Architects create the overall aesthetics of buildings and other structures, but they also must ensure that a building is functional, safe, economical, and that it meets the needs of the people who use it. Their services include planning, providing preliminary studies, designs, drawings, specifications, and other technical submissions, the administration of construction contracts, making sure designs are up to local building codes, and the coordination of work prepared by other consultants. An Architect can become licensed in Oklahoma only after completing a five-year, accredited degree in architecture (or an equivalent degree), thousands of hours of experience under a licensed Architect, and passing the national architecture exam. To find out if your building requires an Architect, please visit the Architect Requirements for Building Types page.

Landscape Architects plan and design public outdoor spaces, such as parks, campuses, gardens, cemeteries, commercial centers, resorts, transportation facilities, and waterfront developments; they also design and plan the restoration of natural places disturbed by humans such as wetlands, stream corridors, mined areas and forested land. Because of their education and training, they are able to address issues such as steep slopes, elevation problems, irrigation and drainage systems, retaining walls, outdoor structures, and to ensure that the natural environment is not harmed in the process. A Landscape Architect can become licensed in Oklahoma only after completing a five-year accredited degree in landscape architecture (or an equivalent degree), years of acceptable training/experience under a licensed Landscape Architect, and passing the national landscape architecture exam.

Registered Commercial Interior Designers study the needs of individuals and organizations to create functional living or work spaces. RCIDs' work includes feasibility studies, space planning, tenant development, budget analysis, design concepts, finish specifications, furniture specifications, art and accessory programs, as well as working together with other professionals, including Architects, to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of everyone who will occupy the spaces. An RCID can only become registered in Oklahoma after completing an accredited degree in interior design (or an equivalent degree), years of acceptable training/experience under a licensed Architect or a Registered Commercial Interior Designer, and passing the national interior design exam.

Last Modified on Aug 31, 2023
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