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About Us

The Board of Governors of the Architects, Landscape Architects and Licensed Interior Designers of Oklahoma was created in 1925 to serve the professions of architecture, landscape architecture, and licensed interior design and the public. Its mission is to protect the citizens of the State of Oklahoma by:

  • Reviewing applications for licensure and certification to ensure competence through education, experience and examinations.
  • Enforcing the State Architectural and Licensed Interior Designers Act by monitoring and disciplining unlicensed, reckless, dishonest, or fraudulent practice.
  • Reviewing and auditing licensees’ continuing education credits to guarantee that they continue to remain knowledgeable of best practices in regards to health, safety, and welfare.


“The profession is pleased to call itself a learned profession. If this assumption is to be supported, then it is paramount that broad and high standards of qualifications shall be maintained."

Emery Stanford Hall, 1922

Last Modified on Apr 23, 2024
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