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Economic Impact

The State of Oklahoma has an extensive system of public airports and a vast array of aviation and aerospace-related activities. Aviation is essential to the state’s transportation network and economic ecosystems. Some benefits, such as the ability to reach hundreds of domestic and international locations on a commercial airline flight, are highly visible. Many benefits of aviation and aerospace, such as aeromedical evacuations, however, are not as well known.

Starting in the fall of 2015, the Oklahoma Department of Aerospce and Aeronautics Commission (ODAA), in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and communities across Oklahoma, undertook steps to start the process to conduct comprehensive research to estimate economic impacts and other benefits associated with aviation and aerospace in Oklahoma. Study research started in the summer of 2016; this study represents the most comprehensive research conducted on the aviation and aerospace industries since similar studies completed in 1994 and 1999.

A two-part look at Oklahoma’s civilian and military airports, the study determined the economic impact both have on the state and local economy. The first portion of the study examined each airport individually to determine its impact, both direct and indirect, on the local and state economies. The second combined these individual airport impacts to determine the economic impact of the state system as a whole.  

As part of this study the individual airports received deliverables they can utilize in their community to promote the importance of the airport to both the general public and the community leaders. ODAA received deliverables on the statewide level that the agency will now utilize to show the importance of the airport system and why ODAA maintains the capital improvement program providing much needed infrastructure funding to airports. There is also a section of the study that looked at individual segments of aviation industry within Oklahoma and the impacts they have on the state. We invite you to explore the various reports and see for yourself the tremendous impact the aviation and aerospace industry has on our state.

Economic Impact Reports

Economic Impact Resources

Last Modified on Jan 28, 2024
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