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ACES Program

Aerospace Commerce Economic Services (ACES) Program

Created within the Oklahoma Department of Commerce during the 2018 legislative session, in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Aerospace and Aeronautics, the agencies launched the Oklahoma ACES (Aerospace Commerce Economic Services) Program. Outlined in House Bill 2578, the primary goal of ACES is to create and implement a common statewide strategy for the growth of the Oklahoma aerospace industry. 

The program acquires aerospace executive expertise and provides consulting services to the aviation, aerospace and defense industry, government agencies and organizations across the State of Oklahoma, in order to strengthen the policy framework, economic development initiatives and activities of the state.

ACES focuses collective aerospace resources into an integrated, coordinated statewide effort that will:

Increase contracts between companies in the aviation, aerospace and defense industries in Oklahoma and the Department of Defense and its prime contractors;

Create and retain high-wage, high-skill jobs;

Provide engineering and technical assistance;

Reduce costs for the Department of Defense and Oklahoma military installations and increase the competitiveness of aviation, aerospace and defense businesses in Oklahoma.

A division of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, the ACES program is led by Vince Howie, Director of Aerospace & Defense, and Leshia Pearson, Deputy Director of Aerospace & Defense.  

Last Modified on Apr 01, 2024
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