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House District Reports

The Oklahoma Department of Aerospace and Aeronautics (ODAA) undertook a research project to estimate the economic impact of aviation and aerospace in Oklahoma. Public airports are essential to Oklahoma’s transportation infrastructure, and airports are major contributors to the state’s economy.

ODAA’s research documents annual economic activity associated with Oklahoma’s 108 public commercial and general aviation airports. Economic benefits measured in the ODAA study are associated with airport management activities needed to operate each airport, activities of airport tenants located on airport property that provide aviation services and customer support, average annual investment for capital improvement projects needed to maintain and expand each airport, and visitor spending, from visitors who arrive on a commercial airline flight or via a general aviation aircraft.

Four impact categories including jobs, payroll, spending, and annual economic activity (payroll plus spending), were used to express each airport’s annual economic impact. The process to measure annual economic impacts started with first identifying all direct impacts. Once all direct impacts were documented through site visits, phone interviews, surveys, and other research, the IMPLAN input/output econometric model was used to estimate additional indirect/induced economic impacts. These are a result of direct impacts re-circulating once they are introduced into Oklahoma’s state economy. Together, direct and indirect/induced impacts equal total annual economic impacts for each impact category.

Click the Senate District by number to access a customized report regarding the Aviation and Aerospace economic impact for the airport(s) within that specific district. The districts listed below are based on 2010-2020 districts and do not represent current districts. 

Last Modified on Aug 07, 2023
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