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Trade Practices Division

Brand Registration General Information:

Pursuant to Title 37A O.S. §5-132, no alcoholic beverage shall be labeled, offered, or advertised for sale in this state unless the brand label has been registered with and approved by the ABLE Commission and the appropriate fee paid.

Use the link below to create your PRO account or to register new brand labels.

Brand Registration Annual Renewal Information:

Each brand registration is effective July 1st through June 30th of each fiscal year. Brand registrations must be renewed each year during the annual renewal period beginning April 15th of each year. Click here for the link to the renewal portal in PRO: This portal is only active during the annual renewal period.

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau: US Department of Treasury Federal Guideline Website Most products require a formula submission and/or an application for Certificate of Label Approval/Exemption(COLA). Here is the link to the website for the TTB: to assist you.

For assistance, please contact the Brand Registration Coordinator at

Brand Registration Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Brand Registration Tutorials

Required Supplier Documents

Last Modified on May 09, 2024
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