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Greg Slavonic Executive Director

Phone: (405) 523-4000
Email Me

Shawn Kirkland Deputy Director

Phone: (405) 523-4007
Email Me

Rob Arrington Director of Homes

Phone: (405) 523-4004
Email Me

Jennifer Bloomfield Communications Director

Phone: (405) 523-4045
Email Me

Lisa White    Chief Financial Officer 

Phone: (405) 523-4040
Email Me

Jennifer Shockley HR Director

Phone: (405) 523-4030
Email Me

Dr. Brint Montgomery SAA Administrator

Phone: (405) 523-4011
Email Me

Nisha Young Construction Programs Administrator

Phone: (405) 523-4047
Email Me

Cherri Higgs Office Manager & Fleet PA

Phone: (405) 523-4005
Email Me

Randy Law Claims & Benefits Director

Phone: (405) 523-4021
Email Me

Daron Hoggatt Business Management Administrator

Phone: (405) 523-4026
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Last Modified on Sep 07, 2023
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