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Veterans Home Outreach

Jeannene Wade brings to the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs an illustrious 25-year career, marked by a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge. Having spent 23 years at the Norman Veterans Home, she served as the Programs Administrator for the recreation department and, in the final four years, expanded her role to oversee recreation programs for the entire agency.

Jeannene's expertise extends beyond her administrative roles; she holds certificates and has undergone specialty training in Dementia-related diseases, showcasing her commitment to addressing the unique needs of veterans facing cognitive challenges. Moreover, her academic background includes the study of recreation therapy in college, further underlining her qualifications in providing comprehensive and tailored support.

In her more recent role over the past two years, Jeannene has applied her well-rounded skill set to veterans home outreach, facilitating vital connections between veterans in need and the services available in our state veterans homes. Her dedication, coupled with her extensive training and education, positions Jeannene as a valuable and compassionate contributor to the organization's mission and the well-being of our veteran community.