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About ODVA

The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs provides resources and services to military veterans residing in the state of Oklahoma including assistance with state and federal benefits, disability claims, burial and survivor benefits, healthcare, employment, education, mental health/suicide prevention, entrepreneurship, and veteran-owned businesses, women veteran services and veterans in agriculture. ODVA also operates seven long-term care facilities for veterans throughout Oklahoma.

Our mission is to provide Oklahoma veterans the highest quality support and care available anywhere in the nation, in partnership with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, state and local agencies, veterans service organizations, and the State of Oklahoma.

Additional characteristics of ODVA style and services driven by the mission include:

  • Each center’s atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed
  • All employees are sensitive to residents and their families
  • Employees communicate well and enjoy coming to work
  • Employees’ knowledge, skill and experience are recognized and leveraged
  • Facilities are maintained in good repair
  • Eligible veterans are assisted with claims
  • Benefits include both VA and others

Vision: The state of Oklahoma is a state known for the best Veterans care and services in the nation, where Veterans are provided tools that are readily accessible, while facilitating their needs and requirements to continue a quality life among the community in exchange for their service to the nation, which has been paid in advance.


It is the vision of the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs that all programs administered by this agency to Oklahoma veterans will always be first in the nation in:

  • Services
  • Benefits
  • Care
  • Facilities
  • Employees
  • Relationships

Veterans Crisis Line

Central Office

2132 NE 36th
Oklahoma City , OK 73111

Agency Hotline

Report fraud, waste, abuse, neglect, or resident/family concerns to ODVA Central Office at 405-523-4014.

Last Modified on Apr 19, 2021
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