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The Oklahoma Veterans Commission

The composition of the Oklahoma Veterans Commission shall comprise nine (9) members, all of whom must bear an honorable discharge status. It is mandated that among the members, one shall be a veteran of the Vietnam Conflict, and two shall be veterans of the Persian Gulf Wars.

The selection process for members shall adhere to the following protocol:

The state executive board or committees of the veterans' organizations specified in this section are each tasked with submitting to the Governor a roster of five individuals deemed qualified to assume roles as members of the Oklahoma Veterans Commission. These appointments are required to be broadly representative of the diverse spectrum of veterans in the state, taking into account factors such as age, gender, and race or ethnicity.

The Governor is tasked with appointing a member from each of the following distinguished organizations to serve on the Oklahoma Veterans Commission:

  • American Legion
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • Disabled American Veterans
  • Paralyzed Veterans of America
  • Military Order of the Purple Heart
  • National Guard Association of Oklahoma

Additionally, the Governor shall exercise the authority to appoint three members at large, with the provision that one of them may be a non-veteran, contingent upon having a family member residing in one of the state’s seven Veterans Centers.

All members of the Commission are appointed by the Governor, subject to the advice and consent of the Senate, and shall serve at the Governor's discretion. In the event of a vacancy on the Oklahoma Veterans Commission, the respective organization associated with the vacant position is required to submit a list of five qualified individuals to the Governor, who will then select a replacement from that list.

Furthermore, it is stipulated that no member of the Oklahoma Veterans Commission shall be concurrently employed by the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs during their tenure, and individuals who have served on the Commission are precluded from employment with the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs for a period of two (2) years following the conclusion of their service.

Moreover, the Oklahoma Veterans Commission oversees the veterans program in the state, managed by a Director appointed by and accountable to the Commission. The Director's office is situated within the central office at the Vezey Veterans Complex, located at 2132 NE 36th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. From this centralized hub, the Director exercises operational supervision over the Department's two principal divisions: The Oklahoma Veterans Homes and the Claims and Benefits Division.

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