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Business Management Administrator

Daron Hoggatt currently holds the esteemed position of Program Administrator for the Business Management Program at ODVA (OKVetWorks). In this pivotal role, he is committed to aiding veteran entrepreneurs throughout Oklahoma by leveraging both state and federal resources to facilitate their business growth and expansion. His work involves providing strategic guidance and support, enabling these veterans to translate their military skills into successful entrepreneurial ventures, thus fostering economic development within the state.

Over his illustrious career spanning more than two decades, Daron has served in several key roles within the State of Oklahoma, marking a trajectory of significant professional growth and expertise in public service. He commenced his career as a Correctional Officer with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, a role that imbued him with a profound understanding of the challenges and intricacies of state operations. Progressing through the ranks, he later assumed the position of State Use Administrator at OMES Procurement. In this capacity, Daron honed his skills in managing complex procurement processes and navigating state regulations, setting the stage for his subsequent leadership role at ODVA.

Daron's academic background is equally impressive. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Administrative Leadership from the prestigious University of Oklahoma. His commitment to continuous professional development is further evidenced by his multiple certifications. He is a certified State of Oklahoma Certified Procurement Officer (CPO), holds the title of Master Certified Business Consultant (MCBC), and is a Certified Business Advisor. These qualifications underscore his deep expertise in business management and procurement, enhancing his ability to mentor and advise entrepreneurs effectively.

Beyond his professional commitments, Daron is deeply rooted in his community through his role as a Pulpit Minister. This position allows him to engage with his community on a spiritual level, providing guidance and support to his congregation. His dedication to service extends into his personal life, where he enjoys spending quality time with his wife of over 32 years and his family. Together, they engage in various community and church-related activities, which enriches their lives and strengthens their familial bonds.

Daron's multifaceted career and personal engagements illustrate a life dedicated to service, leadership, and community involvement, making him a respected figure in both his professional and personal circles.

Last Modified on May 01, 2024