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Women Veterans Program Administrator, ODVA Legislative Liaison

Lisa Acevedo boasts a remarkable career with a diverse and extensive background in both military service and public administration. Her professional journey demonstrates a commitment to veterans' affairs and policy advocacy.

Lisa served honorably in the United States Navy for nearly a decade, bringing her technical expertise as an Information Systems Technician First Class to several notable assignments, including the USS Bataan LHD-5, USS George Washington CVN-73, and the Navy’s TACAMO Communications Unit at Tinker AFB. Her military service, coupled with her academic achievements—a bachelor's and master's degree in Political Science-Public Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma—has provided her with a strong foundation in public service and policy.

In her role with the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs (ODVA) since 2019, Lisa has held several key positions, including Assistant Director for the State Approving Agency. Her experience in federal and state policy was further enriched by her tenure as a lobbyist for the Oklahoma State Department of Education and as a Congressional Staffer for the 5th congressional district of Oklahoma. Her responsibilities included assisting constituents with casework across various federal and state agencies, emphasizing her dedication to public service and advocacy.

Lisa’s multifaceted career spans beyond her work in education and policy. She has also served in higher education as an adjunct instructor for American Federal Government. Her commitment to supporting veterans extends to her role as the Vice President of the Oklahoma Women Veterans Organization Headquarters and her membership in the American Legion Post 12, showcasing her dedication to serving and empowering women who have served in the military.

Her personal life reflects her deep connection to the military and family, being married to a fellow U.S. Navy veteran and raising two children.

Lisa's expertise, commitment to veterans' causes, and her extensive background in policy and public administration make her an invaluable asset to the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs. Her multifaceted experiences uniquely position her to advocate for and support veterans at both the state and federal levels.


Last Modified on Nov 15, 2023